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Sensor Kits for Holley EFI systems
Drive Shaft Speed - G-Meter - Shock Travel - Pressure
- Front Wheel Speed

EGT kits 16 lug reluctors- Ride Height- Liquid Temp-Clutch


NEW EFI Sensors

Shock sensors in 10", 6", 4", 3" (in addition to 8")

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IR tire/track temp

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These sensor kits will work on virtually any EFI or data system. Many have been installed on Fueltech, AEM, Fuel Tech, XFI and others.


Holley Shaft Speed Kit - 8 magnet

WEB Price

Hall effect sensor, bracket, collar, L bracket, 12' shielded cable, 3 Holley ECU terminals for your P2A plug, and instruction sheet.



Kits without collar available below.


NOTE: 1.812 collars are $15 additional cost.


If you have an Ford 8.8 you have 4 options:

  1. Get a Mark Williams yoke for 1350 joints and order my kit with 2.187 collar
  2. Get a Strange yoke for 1350 and their collar.
  3. Put collar/sensor on the trans slip yoke
  4. If you have a strange yoke with a 2.500 step get the 16 lug reluctor kit below




  Holley DS kit with no collar

order 2, 4 or 8 magnet collars below

WEB Price


  Replacement HE sensor
with weather-pak connector

WEB Price


  Holley DS kit
with 16 lug collar

more pulses = better resolution. Complete with special sensor.


WEB Price


  Holley 4 magnet DS kit

2.125" collar only - fits Strange & Moser large pinion

WEB Price



Split Collars


  Split Collar  - 4 Magnets

NO Sensor

WEB Price

  When ordering choose from the following sizes:

        only 2.125 (the most popular size - Strange Engineering large pinion)


Includes magnets and stainless hardware.


8 Magnet Collars


  Split Collar  - 8 Magnets

$15 additional cost for 1.812.

WEB Price


Racepak 2 magnet collars here

16 lug collars - reluctors

  Billet 16 lug High Def Drive shaft collar/reluctor

Get good wheel speed readings from the hit.

works with Racepak V300SD / Sportsman, most EFI systems and traction control units.

5 sizes: 1.812 1.875 2.125 2.187 2.500 -

Billet steel .475 thick.

Requires a metal sensing Hall Effect sensor (S-364 above). Can use Racepak MSC3 sensor.

2.500 model works with Strange yokes for 8.8, 12 Bolt, Dana

Made in USA by Motion Raceworks


L bracket available above $11    

S-37x18   Split Collar  - 16 lug

WEB Price


  5/16" metal sensing Hall Effect sensor for 16 lug collars and other metal sensing applications WP connector. 5-19 volt power


S-364W   metal - 5/16

WEB Price

  5/16" metal sensing Hall Effect sensor for 16 lug collars and other metal sensing applications NO connector. 5-19 volt power.


S-364   metal - 5/16

WEB Price

Front Wheel Speed kits

  Front wheel speed kits:

- 37x-FWL kit Can pickup from the back of wheel studs or other rotating steel item. You can select any number of pickup points.

- 37x-FWM kit can pickup from magnets mounted/epoxied on hub/rotor etc. 2 Magnets included.

Both kits require you to fabricate brackets and ensure clearance/saftey with steering and brakes.


5/16" 24 Sensor 1 1/2" long
12' shielded cable, ECU terminals

S-37x-FWL   Front wheel speed kit - studs/lugs

WEB Price

S-37x-FWM   Front wheel speed kit - Magnets

WEB Price



Shaft Collar details and sizing


Measure the size of your pinion yoke

<<<< here to determine grip diameter



Liquid Temperature

I have discontinued my kits based on the Racepak sensor, For a very nice 1/8" npt liquid temp sensor see Mad Racing parts

Shock Travel



  Holley 8" Shock Travel Sensor


WEB Price

8" travel sensor, Molex connector no mount. This is the most common size for rear coil over insallations.

  • 36" pigtail
  • Mating connector included
  • Nylon mounting hardware
  • 12.5" compressed – 20.5” extended length - You must ensure the sensor never gets fully compressed or extended.

 mount pictures See mount bracket below:


10" Holley Shock sensor

14.5" compressed 24.5" extended

WEB Price


6" Holley Shock sensor

10.5" compressed 16.5" extended

WEB Price


4" Holley Shock sensor

8.5" compressed 12.5" extended

WEB Price


3" Holley Shock sensor

7.5" compressed 10.5" extended

WEB Price

Shock sensor mount bracket

  • Designed to bolt on 1/2" coii-over bolts
  • Positions the sensor to clear the spring
  • Easiily bent / clocked to accomodate many applications
  • 3 5/8" center to center




S-412M   Shock sensor mount

WEB Price




Ride Height - Wheelie Control kit

Based on the MAD Racing 38" Laser sensor with:

  • Standard direct 0-5 volt with no special cables or adapters needed.

  • Small and lightweight just 1.700" by 1.300" and a mere 2.5 Ounces of weight.

  • Threaded on 3 sides for easy mounting (bolts included)

  • Fast response- Can accurately report a 10" change of distance in 0.05 seconds.

  • ToF sensor not affected by stray ambient light or shiny track surface.

  • Built in filtering so logs display accurately without any modification.

  • Should the sensor be operated out of it's range the output stays constant, no dropping back to zero as with some sensors.


Download the advanced table after download complete, copy from your download folder to: Documents\Holley\HEFI V5\Individual Configuration Library\Advanced

 Youtube Video Holley EFI Ride Height


The gray cable is will supply 0-5 volt signal for any EFI or data system,

New lower price and better sensor. This sensor is developed by sensor expert Glenn Payne. They are 90% made in the USA (some chips only are available off shore)

$150 less than the Banner kit .

S-412 MAD Racing 38" range Laser distance sensor

S-412C   0-5 Volt cable for all systems


Ride Height / wheelie Control based on Banner Sensor

Based on the Banner 20" Laser sensor with:

  • All installation hardware & cables (12')
  • Stainless steel sensor
  • Instructions for ride height and wheelie control
  • Sensor programed to correct issue when car wheelies beyond 20"


Download the advanced table after download complete, copy from your download folder to: Documents\Holley\HEFI V5\Individual Configuration Library\Advanced

 Youtube Video Holley EFI Ride Height


The yellow cable is the Holley 0-10 volt cable or any system that can accept 0-10 (S-414). The black cable is the Generic 0-5 (S-415).

New lower price and better sensor. There are many distance Banner senors (many are familiar with the yellow plastic unit) to choose from - some not so good for ride height. EFI tuning expert Glenn Payne has worked with Banner to determine the best sensor for RH at the best price. My kits are based on Glenn's research - including setting up the sensor to NOT go back to zero after reachin maximum distnce - a key issue with some sensors.

S-413   Banner 20" range distance sensor only NO Cable


S-414   Cable for Holley HP/Dominator


S-415   Cable for FuelTech, FAST (any EFI),Racepak (no V-net module)


S-415R   Raepak V-net module to mate S-413 + S-415



Holley Track/Tire temp


  IR Tire/Track temp

WEB Price

  • 36" lead - Molex connetor.
  • 32* F to 572* F range
  • No mountng bracket
  • 3" length X 3/4" length


Holley Pressure Sensor kits


  Holley Pan Vac - Racepak sensor

WEB Price

Pan vac using the Racepak 1/8" sensor - sensor must be remote/soft mounted. 6' cable

  Holley Pressure - Racepak sensor

WEB Price

Pressure using any Racepak pressure sensor (0-15,150,300,500,1500,3000)


6' cable


specify what range in the check-out note.

  Holley Pressure manifold

WEB Price

1/8" NPT 4 port sensor manifold.

Pressure sensors should not be mounted in engine block.

4 independent ports, each with 3 inlets/outlets, allows for the remote mounting of transducers which eliminates inaccuracies due to vibration and heat

Click to expand

Clutch RPM / Slip


  • Racepak shielded zero crossing sensor
  • 6' cable
  • The 3/8" fine thread sensor is metal shielded.
  • Requires the embedded magnet to be South side out

Click here for info on transmission case mounted sensor G-force Liberty Jerico



Holley Clutch Sensor

S-387H   Clutch kit with 5/6" fine thread

WEB Price

S-387H2   Clutch kit with 3/8" fine thread

WEB Price

EGT kits for Holley EFI

Holley compatible EGT kits are available from Mad Racing parts