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Racepak Travel - Motion sensors

Shock Travel Generic Shock Travel Throttle Position Ride Height 

Relpacement Sensors Wiring/layout Mounts

Shock Travel / Velocity

Full kit for door car front or rear with 2 sensors and all cables needed for a V300SD recorder mounted just forward of the right rear wheel tub.

Kits include 2 linear sensors, 2 interface modules, interface cable and insructions.


Dragster and single setups in stock.


Front shock travel kit with 2 4" sensors, modules and cables



Rear shock travel kit with 2 8" sensors, modules and cables


Sportsman shock Travel / Velocity

This module is required to put shock sensors on a Sportsman.

After ordering this item order the Rear or Front shock travel kits or a single.

Cable length is 16"


Hi-Speed V-net Shock module for Sportsman


Generic shock sensors

1/2" diameter

36" pigtail with Racepak/Molex connector

10/32 Rod End


  • 4”: 8.5" eyelet to eyelet compressed, 12.5" extended.
  • 6”: 10.5" eyelet to eyelet compressed, 16.5" extended.
  • 8”: 12.5" eyelet to eyelet compressed, 20.5" extended. .
  • 10”: 14.5" eyelet to eyelet compressed, 24.5" extended.




8" shock sensor with Racepak connector (no mount, no module) - 10" pigtail

Can be used to replace a RP sensor and work with the Racepak black Hi-speed modules (250 samples/sec) or 100 sample V-nets shown below.



  Shock mount - single

3 5/8" center to center. Can be bent and clocked asneded

Pictured above - you neeed 2 mounts per sensor



V-net Cable/ module for one shock sensor - specify position (Right rear - LF etc in the note)

4' length



  USM setup for 4 shock sensors (uses 4 channels in Sportsman/IQ3D)

Includes 4 extension cables to reach each sensor



  2 generic sensors, 2- vnet modules and 4 mounts

4' cable length on modules, 36"' pigtail on sensor - may require V-net extension.

Uses 2 channels in Sportsman / IQ3D

Add $40 if using the black Hi speed modules




1 generic sensor with V-net and 2 mounts

Choose length based on compressed/extended dimensions listed above

4' cable length on modules, 36"' pigtail on sensor - may require V-net extension.

Uses 1 channels in Sportsman / IQ3D

Add $55 if needing the black Hi speed modules




Throttle Position

TPS V-net module with string pot sensor. Works on any V-net logger or dash.

Eylet in center of picture is on the end of a cable spooled into the housing where the Racepak logo is. Eays to attach to throttle linkage or Carb

4' V-net cable and 6" pigtail on the sensor

Can be used to measure movemnet of many items.



TPS V-net module & sensor


TPS V-net module with Holley Gen3 534-214 carb sensor

This sensor will bolt on the Gen3 carbs only.

Blower Drive Service offers a TPS for some blown applications:





TPS V-net module & Holley sensor



TPS V-net module only


Replacement Travel Sensors

Replacement shock sensors only - you need a Interface Module and analog cable to connect to a V300SD or Sportsman (Sportsman also requires the HI-speed modue)

All have 12" pigtail

click here for mounts.

Lienar sensor


10" sensor only -
14.5” compressed – 24.5” extended length



8" sensor only -
12.6” compressed – 20.6” extended length



6" sensor only
9.9” compressed – 16" extended


800-LN-TRV3 3" sensor only
8.0” compressed – 11.0 extended


4" sensor only
9.7” compressed – 13.7 extended



2" sensor only - Special order, non stock item

7.4” compressed - 9.4” extended


Replacement string pot - usually used for Throttle Position

Requires V-net module 230-VM-TPS



10" sensor only -



TPS module only


Ride Height

Generic Ride Height sensor kit


  • 90% Made in USA
  • TOF technology not affected by reflection/shiny surfaces.


Less than 1/2 the cost of the Racepak/Banner kit


Economy laser distance sensor with Racepak interface module


Ride Height sensor kit (4 parts shown).


Video - note that it's the older yellow plastic sensor while RP is currently shiping the stainless steel sensor.


Note: when distance exceeds 14" - the sensor reads-back 4"

Click here for a more economical Ride Height kit still using the Banner SS sensor


laser distance sensor



vnet module



sensor L bracket



lens protetor



Adapts the new stainless body to an old (used with the Banner Yellow sensor) V-net module


V300SD Shock layout

v300sd shock sensor layout

Click here for mounting pictures


Shock Travel Mount pictures

Front shock mount - Possibly a Bickel lower mount

McAmis drilled & tapped bolts

Showing McAmis bpttom clamp

Stock front clip - aftermaket a-arms. 6" sensors, McMaster-Carr collar lower & bent steel upper.

Drilled & tapped shock mount bolts with stand offs.

John Parks/American dragster


Brackets to hose clamp on a dragster

Installed with hose clamps

String pot on Scott Smiths Camaro


Shock Travel Graph

Car is a 4-link dragster 1.01 60' 4.35 1/8 6.72 @ 205 1/4

Red = engine RPM, Green = shaft RPM, blue = right shock, yellow = left shock.