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Daytona AF senors now available

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Generic Shock Sensors

  These sensors are 1/3 the cost of the Racepak sensors

Click here for info on these generic sensors for EFI systems

Click here for info on these generic sensors for Racepak data loggers.



Discontinued EFI modules

  I have a few of the discontinued classic EFI modules.

Much cleaner than the UCAN method.

AEM, Autronics 4, FAST Classic, Fuel Tech, Haltech, Link/Vipek, Motec M4/M48, Mega Squirt2, EFI Technologies

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Liquid temperature bushings

Compact busing to keep sensor tip into water.




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Racepak V-net module mounts


Keep your V-net modules neat and tight.




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Racepak Gauge Update 1-31-21

The only Racepak gauges I have left:

Black Vacuum 0-30

Black Fuel Pressure 0-15


I can reprogram the gauges to pull from any Racepak sensor. So for instance I can setup the 0-100 fuel pressure to pick up oil pressure. Or I can setup the 0-15 fuel press to pickup volts. As a last resort, I can program any gauge for any item - even if it is out of range the digital display will have the correct number. So I could setup the 0-30 vac to pick up nitrous bottle pressure and of course the 900-1200 would exceed the range on the face but the 1050lbs would show on the digital display portion.


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16 lug shaft collars for Racepak or any logger / EFI system 3-17-17

18 Lug collars give better resolution for traction control and accurate data logs


click here for Racepak options with this collar

click here for EFI / generic options



Dragster / Off Road mount 03-10-17

Dragster - Off Road mount tube mounts for Sportsman and V300

For tube sizes: 3/4" 7/8" 1" 1 1/8"

Pictured on dragster steering shaft cross tube with logger mounted upside down - SD card is accessible above divers knees.

Can also rotate 90 degrees to mount unit parallel with tube

Spacers and bolts included to allow best fit.

Click here for V300SD Click here for Sportsman



Bluetooth Module 10-1-16

Stream up 24 data items to your Iphone/Ipad/Android

App is free from App Store

Will not download logs.


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Stand alone GPS Module - 6-10-15

Add GPS speed to any non-gps equipped Racepak V-Net Dash or recorder. Provides a speed data channel for analytical, display and odometer information.

Can supply KPH or MPH. Includes GPS antenna.

A great addition to the IQ3 or UDX dash kits.

Note that if adding to a UDX Street Rod or Replay programming kit 250-UG-UDXPG is required.

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Sportsman Hi-Speed shock Module 7-1-14 Click here form more info