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Racepak Travel - Motion sensors

Shock Travel Throttle Position Ride Height 

Turbo Waste Gate Position

Relpacement Sensors Wiring/layout Mounts

Shock Travel / Velocity

Full kit for door car front or rear with 2 sensors and all cables needed for a V300SD recorder mounted just forward of the right rear wheel tub.

Kits include 2 linear sensors, 2 interface modules, interface cable and insructions.


Dragster and single setups in stock.


Front shock travel kit with 2 4" sensors, modules and cables



Rear shock travel kit with 2 8" sensors, modules and cables


Sportsman shock Travel / Velocity

This module is required to put shock sensors on a Sportsman.

After ordering this item order the Rear or Front shock travel kits or a single.

Cable length is 16"


Hi-Speed V-net Shock module for Sportsman



Throttle Position

TPS V-net module with string pot sensor. Works on any V-net logger or dash.

Eylet in center of picture is on the end of a cable spooled into the housing where the Racepak logo is. Eays to attach to throttle linkage or Carb

4' V-net cable and 6" pigtail on the sensor

Can be used to measure movemnet of many items.



TPS V-net module & sensor


TPS V-net module with Holley Gen3 carb sensor

This sensor will bolt on the Gen3 carbs only.

Blower Drive Service offers a TPS for some blown applications:





TPS V-net module & Holley sensor



TPS V-net module only


Replacement Travel Sensors

Replacement shock sensors only - you need a Interface Module and analog cable to connect to a V300SD or Sportsman (Sportsman also requires the HI-speed modue)

All have 12" pigtail

click here for mounts.

Lienar sensor


10" sensor only -
14.5” compressed – 24.5” extended length



8" sensor only -
12.6” compressed – 20.6” extended length



6" sensor only
9.9” compressed – 16" extended


800-LN-TRV3 3" sensor only
8.0” compressed – 11.0 extended


4" sensor only
9.7” compressed – 13.7 extended



2" sensor only - Special order, non stock item

7.4” compressed - 9.4” extended


Replacement string pot - usually used for Throttle Position

Requires V-net module 230-VM-TPS



10" sensor only -



TPS module only


Ride Height

Ride Height sensor kit (4 parts shown).


Video - note that it's the older yellow plastic senr while RP is currently shiping the stainless steel sensor.


Note: when distance exceeds 14" - the sensor reads-back 4"


Ride Height kit 

Consists of the 4 parts below:



vnet module



sensor L bracket



lens protetor



laser distance sensor



adapts the new stainless body to an old V-net module


V300SD Shock layout

v300sd shock sensor layout

Click here for mounting pictures


This 10" travel sensor will measure suspension, shock travel, throttle or virtually any motion (straight line)  on your performance vehicle.
  • 10" travel
  • Includes mounting bolts - NO mounting brackets
  • 12' cable ( or any custom) length to fit pullers, off road, dragsters or door cars without any V-net extension cables.
  • 6/32 mounting screws on 1" square mount pattern.
  • Compact 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" body size
  • Most commonly used to measure suspension movement, throttle position, steering etc.

Shock Travel Mount pictures

Front shock mount - Possibly a Bickel lower mount

McAmis drilled & tapped bolts

Showing McAmis bpttom clamp

Stock front clip - aftermaket a-arms. 6" sensors, McMaster-Carr collar lower & bent steel upper.

Drilled & tapped shock mount bolts with stand offs.

John Parks/American dragster


Brackets to hose clamp on a dragster

Installed with hose clamps

String pot on Scott Smiths Camaro


Shock Travel Graph

Car is a 4-link dragster 1.01 60' 4.35 1/8 6.72 @ 205 1/4

Red = engine RPM, Green = shaft RPM, blue = right shock, yellow = left shock.