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Racepak Dash Units

IQ3 Family
Part numbers 250-xx-IQ3xx

The IQ3 family is 7.25" x 4" in size




Click here to see the Dash mounts

Comparison of IQ3 vs UDX features.

   IQ3 Family


    IQ3 in Road Race config

IQ3 in Drag Race config

   IQ3 Dragster Install Video

IQ3 Display Dash

The IQ3 Dispay dash does not come with any sensors - it's designed to work with a Sportsman or V300SD logger or EFI interface. It does include a 3' V-net T cable to connect to a V-net network. It has a internal shift light and 4 warning lights.



IQ3 Display Dash


IQ3 Street Dash

The IQ3 Street dash comes with Oil pressure, and water temp sensors, designated wires for RPM, fuel level, volts, turn signal and high beam. Does not include the speedo or fuel sensor. You can add EGT's, fuel pressure etc.

It monitors: RPM, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil temp and Volts

Fuel tank level comes from your sensor in your tank. The dash just receives a standard signal (which is customizable). If you dont have a Speedometer output you can add GPS speed for $299 directly below. You can get a VDO or Stuart Warner sender if you have an aftermarket tank. GM, Ford, Chrysler and custom. Auto Meter 5291 (GM) or 5292 (Ford) are good speedometer senders.

You can add a Racepak Sportsman to this dash. It will then record

Speeedway Motors anti slosh module 91012910

Auto Meter LSx oil pressure adapter to 1/8" NPT 2268

EFI Capability is built into this dash.

See below for EFI harnesses, momentay toggle switch etc.



IQ3 Street Dash



IQ3S with GPS bundle


IQ3 Drag Dash

The IQ3 Drag dash comes with V-net style Oil pressure, water temp and DS sensors, designated wires for RPM, volts. It records up to 150 runs on the micro SD card.


  • Records & stores hundreds of runs on the micro SD card.
  • Customer can add 4 more V-net sensors.

Order DS collar separately Here


See below for EFI harnesses, momentay toggle switch etc.

EFI Capability is built into this dash.


IQ3 Drag Dash


IQ3D Bracket Bundle

The Bracket Bundle includes the IQ3D package and adds V-net style carb pressure and trans temp sensors


  • Records & stores hundreds of runs on the micro SD card.
  • Customer can add 2 more V-net sensors.
  • I can swap out fuel pressure for pan vac or nitrous pressure (any pressre family sensor). Or FP & TT for a Air Fuel - or any other combo you need.

Order DS collar separately Here


bracket bundle

Will record RPM, DS RPM (optinal collar needed), volts, oil press, water temp, carb press, and trans temp.

EFI Capability is built into this dash.


IQ3 Drag Dash BB


EFI harness for IQ3S and IQ3D ONLY with:

  • BS3 (requires Racepak optin in your ECU)
  • Fueltech
  • Holley
  • OBD2

Specify ECU type in the note.




IQ3 EFI Harness with connector


EFI Harness for IQ3S and IQ3D ONLY with:

  • AEM V2/EMS-4/Infinity
  • MSD Aomic LS
  • Generic Can
  • Electromotive TECGT
  • Haltech Haltech V2
  • MoTec Can (data set 3)
  • MegaSquirt-III (DIY automotive)
  • MicroTech
  • ProEFI
  • Fast XFI

This harness simply has 2 wire to connect to your ECU (with Instructions).



Generic CAN interface


  • Dash unit
  • GPS antenna & cable
  • 3 axis G-meter
  • Programming cable
  • 512MB microSD card
  • Data Link software
  • Power/Ground/RPM/Remote Programming Harness

Add any Vnet sensors such as 8 EGT's, Fuel pressure, O2's.
(up to 37 total inputs)

IQ3 Logger dash - Designed for Road Race, Circle Track, Marine, Pulling

  • 32 Channel Internal Data Logger
  • Programmable Shift Lights
  • Programmable Warning Lights With On Screen Warning
  • 24 Programmable Sensor Inputs On 4 Pages
  • Programmable 5 Character Channel Name
  • Gear Indicator
  • Predictive Lap Time
  • Speed, Lap Time, Lap Number From GPS
  • Downloaded Data Provides Track Mapping, Segment Times, Data Reports
  • Metric / Imperial Configurable
  • Prop Slip and Prop Speed for Boat Customers


Click here to go to the Truck/Tractor Pulling page.



IQ3 Logger Dash


IQ3 toggle switch

Momentay toggle switch for changing backlight and screen pages. To be wired into IQ3 harness.

Shown in Youtube vid above and flush mount below.


IQ3 momentary toggle


IQ3 buttons on stretch cord for changing backlight and screen pages. With terminated connectors to insert into the IQ3 Deutsch connector.


IQ3 buttons


IQ3 Logger Dash power, ground and button harness. 6' in length.


IQ3LD harness


GPS antenna for IQ3LD and G2X. 15' length.


GPS Antenna


IQ3 clear plastic protective cover.

Specify with or without flange.


IQ3 cover


    1 lbs

UDX Accessories

UDX program kit - software, UDX adapter plug with serial cable & USB converter. This kit is needed if you plan to add a sensor or re-program the displays on a Replay, Street Rod, BS3 or EFI dash. The Logger dash comes with this kit.


UDX Programming Kit


If you don't need the USB to serial converter or the software/insturctions in above kit.



UDX serial cable



IQ3 aluminum mount




IQ3 Aluminum Mount



IQ3 mount panel available in Faux Carbon, Black and Silver. Plastic Approximate size 9.5" high, 19.5" wide. Textured surface.

The Fake CF does look good!

Specify color/finish when ordering.

Holes are cut / drilled in the recessed area. This picture is prior to the cutting and drilling.


IQ3 Plastic Mount Pannel



IQ3 flush mount

This is a home made mount.

With 1" stand-off's from a 1/8" thick dash - giving the flush look in the pic to the right>>>


Skinnny Kid Race Cars UDX mount



RJ racecars mounts: http://www.rjracecars.com/Racepak-IQ3-Digital-Dash-Panel-Prodview.html


Florida 5.0 Mustang cluster inserts for IQ3 and UDX http://www.florida50.com/racepak.htm