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F2 Procharger for bracket racing.

 That was the challenge. Many of my customers are young guys with turbo imports, blower Mustangs & Vettes etc. I felt it was good marketing of the EFI and Racepak data logger products, so on a bit of a whim I bought a used F2 off Racing Junk in May 2008.

SPECS: 540" Big Block Chevy, Steve Morris designed cam & pistons, 11.2 compression, Dart 320 heads - some CNC work. Procharger F2 making 14-20 lbs of boost (14 = 6.90's @195, 20 = 6.70's @ 204) FAST XFI injection, 16 160lb injectors - Alcohol fuel. Joey D powerglide, 3.70 Moser rear

2001 S&W swing arm chassis about 1985lb with driver

Launch 3400, shift 6900, trap 7300 @ 204 MPH

Best run 6.52 @ 209 Video of the 6.52 run

Thanks to Steve Morris, Mark Micke and Yellow Bullet for an education on Procharging.

GoPro Vid bracket racing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1ptB1-D0jg


2018 Purchased a new 245" WB Diamond dragster   4.02 best at VMP with really great air.
2017 Got new cylinder heads - Brodix 380 CNC. Wow heads really work the car up 6.25 @ 222 (4.04 1/8)  

2016 changes:

- Freshen Motor

- Coat piston skirts as piston to wall was .009

- put Diamond air intake setup on with converntional scoop.

Got my 6.4x time slip - a couple of them a VMP divisional . good air 21lbs boost    

2015 changes

  • Freshen motor @ Jerry Glens shop
  • New Bullet cam
  • Back to Dyno-Tech headers

9-4-15 $5000 win at Atco. 7 rounds (actually 8 cause I bought-back)

8-1-14 So I'm backing up from the burnout and I feel this major stream of hot air on my neck.


Hump Hose failure. Lost about 1 lb of boost.

2014 Changes

Zoomie headers

3.70 gear

Holley EFI

Penske Shocks

9-8-13 Top Dragster Runner-Up at Englishtown Lucas Race

  5-19-13 switched to 3.90 gear


Got my old wheels bead-locled by WELD - very nice 21LBS


Best run to date 6.508 210 10/20/12 Atco


The 6.50 run a the left whas suposed to be a 6.4x - I'd hoped. Air was ok - 1286ft DA, 23lbs boost. For the next run I gave it 1 degree of timing to try and get a 6.49 time slip but it shook and went 6.55. For the third run, I took 2 degrees of timing out and lowered the launch 100 but it spun bad and shook and I lifted - lost first round and that was it.

Didn't change much for 2012 - freshened the motor. No improvements.

In August I found a bad roller lfter and put the Crowler bushing lifters in.

Won 2 races in 2012. A$25k 9 round bracket race at Atco and a NHRA Lucas Top Dragster division race at Cecil County.


Praise God! I haven't won a race in 10 years an then this?


10-1/8/12 Tapping the F2 hub to 5/16


Cecil 8-2012 launch

Best run to date: 6.52 @209.98 NHRA Division 1 maple Grove 10-21-10

 Video of the 6.52 run


17th injector to be added in the charge tube to cool the IAT


1-16-11 Shock Dyno Graph

I had all 3 sets of my shocks dynoed by Mark Workman. Results showed the set on the car (QA1's) were not performing correctly. This graph is the Strange Engineering


12-12-10 Moser 3.50 center for 2011 - hoping to keep trap RPM's to 7000 on 6.70's runs and 7500 on 6.40 runs

10 bolt pinion support


12-10 Changing over to S&W's shorter Anti-roll arms due to excessive roll in 2009 and 2010.


Update 5-11: Arms worked - Racepak data shows 1/2" rise on the left.


Brackets to move lower rod end to make the connecting link vertical and 90* from the arm

2-1-11 S&W shorter Anti-roll arms installed with re-location brackets


Racepak V300SD & IQ3 dash upgrade. I upgraded from the Sportsman to a V300 and added the IQ3 dash.

Install vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDdR3MM_ZeI


10-15-10 Wheelie bar made by Rory Krupp at S&W race cars and my 52 tooth top pulley (should be worth 2-3 lbs of boost)

Going to put this stuff on for the Dutch Classic - see if I can duplicate the 6.59 I ran earlier this year.

Enderle 760 Fuel pump

8-14-10 consistent 6.60's #1 qualifier in Atco's Top Dragster series. Busted the procharger transmission at 4 cars. Procharger fixed it quick!

In general, it seems like when I set the car up for 6.80-6.90 the car is not consistent in the heat. I think the converter is good for 6.60-6.70 and too tight for 6.90's

Alky turned to jelly like goop after sitting a couple months.

Best run to date: 6.59 @209.98 NHRA Division 1 Atco 4-29-10


Time slips 7-11-09 - very consistent 6.8x's

Note "super" puke tank over trans.

South Georgia 11-08 - the run before I added the antifreeze jug as puke tank #2 - note the steam etc by the dial in board
12-09 16 injector manifold for 2010 - I was seeing  some uneven EGT's with the previous setup/  16 injector detail Pulley challenge 200 MPH  16 - 19 lbs of boost will do the trick!
11.2 Morris - Diamond Pistons 11.2 Morris - Diamond Pistons - ring pak with 250 long rod

Trend Pins
 speced by Steve Morris

 16 Injectors. 8 In the standard location and 8 in a spacer under the throttle body.
EFI primer pump with Nitrous fuel solenoid as check valve

The Facet primer pump -

Hylomar - head gasket sealant

Copper gaskets after spraying with Hylomar

Installing Moser center into a Strange cast housing dimple housing Chamfer driver side caps

Valve cover notch for Procharger F2

Valve cover notch for Procharger F2

Valve cover notch for Procharger F2

CS121 alternator