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Mark's 97 Cressman after Tom Cressman completely updated it in 2005.


Now that's a Burnout!  Joey D's got nuthin for Mark!

Mark's car is a 1997 Cressman 4-link purchased in late 98 from "Pretzel Man".

In its second or third outing, it was Kelley-baptized with a Semi finish at Maple Grove, and significant bashing as Mark almost crashed the trailer and Suburban on the Pa Turnpike. (Oh, yes, this IS the same truck & trailer that had an in-depth conversation with 300 yards of PA turnpike guardrail after hydroplaning.)

After Mark broke about everything on the car, it started winning. It has about 12 finals with 7 wins, including one $10K race and second place in the overall Moroso 5-day points in 2001.

This is Mark winning at Atco in 2002 - maybe a Tuesday night in July?
Kelley in the News!! Click on the Atco News from 1997 below.