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1980 Monza purchased from Steve Gilan March 2020.
Fit up of cowl hood. Headlights installed.
dragster lift - thanks to Jules
Here is Greg giving it back to Karen Stalba by .001 (with me having .025 on the tree) September 2005
Greg's new car - Purchased from Joe McOwen October 2004.
This is my 92 S&W purchased used from the "Pretzel Man" in 97. I had it updated by Scott Weney in 99 and Tom Cressman in 2002.
Hey - the old man can still drive! This a $5,000 win at Atco in June of 2001. Only Tish, Sharon and Amy are missing from the pic (even got Pat).
This is the Altered at Indy US Nationals about 1995. What a bad race for us. Everything they say about the heat and humidity at Indy in August is true. We changed converters and everything else in the trailer because I was too stubborn to change the throttle stop. I ended up losing 1st round going 9.05 on the stop when the car was capable of 8.60.


Here is the Altered in 1992 or 93 at the Summernationals at Englishtown. We went 3 or 4 rounds and lost in this round to the event winner. He was 415 to my 410, I had gone 8.88 in a double breakout the prior round, it had gotten cooler (running gasoline), and I forgot what the brake pedal was for. We always did the best in Super Comp when the 454, that was capable of 8-teens, was broken and had to put the just-barely-go-8.90-427 in. That combo was unbelievable in the number of 8.90x runs it made.
The family with Super Street winning Camaro @ Maple Grove - July 1985. Ended up winning the Division championship. 3 wins and 2 runner up's in one year! Won 1 race each in NHRA Division 1, 2 and 3. Maple Grove, Suffolk raceway and Bowling Green, Kentucky.
The Camaro around 1981 in bracket trim @ Maguire Air Force Base. I ran @ the bracket finals @ Maple Grove I think that year and got down to 3 cars in Super Pro.
68 Mustang 351 Cleveland running Atco XS class about 1973-73
Camaro winning Modified Eliminator @ E-town May 1977. Note they still called it the SUMMERNATIONALS! It ran C/SM.
Old time cards from late 70's to early 80's. Strato Rods at maguire Air Force Base. Atco & Cecil as NHRA tracks. E-town's first machine printed time slips.  Me not being able to get it done (runner-up) 2 weeks in a row at Strato Rods & Atco.